Saturday, January 31, 2009

9 Observations on Parenting

  1. Whenever you pick up a kid with a runny nose, he or she will wipe it on your shirt.
  2. When asked 6 times to pick up their dirty laundry, the kids will fail to do so and say, "I never heard you;" but when you whisper in the privacy of your bedroom to your wife, "Do you want to take the kids to Fazoli's?" You'll hear 4 voices cheering downstairs, "Yeah, we're going to Fazoli's."
  3. When it's dessert time, they'll all want the same dessert item. When it's video time, they'll all want to watch different videos.
  4. Children are morally indignant if they have to pick up after others; they are not morally indignant, however, when you pick up after them.
  5. Bedtime is actually 12-25 minutes after what the parents state.
  6. The kids will usually beg for more food than what you purchase at the restaurant. Then when you actually buy them more than usual, they're not hungry.
  7. Children are most endearing to their parents when they are sleeping, unless they are sleeping in your bed.
  8. When you ask, "Who left the milk out?" you will not get a positive answer; instead you will hear, "Not me." "I didn't do it." "Not me."
  9. Kids love bologna until you buy the large value pack; then they're tired of it.

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D S'more said...

A couple of those sound like scott...