Friday, January 9, 2009

My Brother Turns 38; That's Special

I know you didn't realize anyone else had a birthday today besides Richard M. Nixon (who would be 96), but my brother Jeff also regards this day as special. Well, maybe he doesn't, but we his family do.

For the first 18 months of my life, I loved it. And then Jan 9, 1971, rolled around, and well, things changed. He was born, the means of my practical sanctification.

'Nuff said, and all in fun. I love my brother:

9 Things I Love about My Brother

1. He is a creative genius. I think any creativity in me has been given to me by God, but I think Jeff has been one of God’s primary instruments in bringing some of that creativity out. I have learned a lot just by watching him.

2. He only lives 3 blocks away.

3. He’s humble.

4. He married well; I’m glad to have Diana as a sis-in-law.

5. I love his kids, and each one of them—Calvin, Oliver, Audrey, and Reagan—is so unique.

6. He believes the Bible is true, and he believes prayer works.

7. He knows a heck of a lot about computers.

8. He can be downright funny.

9. He’s not a sports fan, AND he likes to watch the Colts. Okay, I have to explain this one. He has never been a sports fan. In a world where sport is a god, that makes him unique and his own man in some sense. But in the last few years Calvin has gotten him interested in the Colts. It is the weirdest thing to hear my brother talk about the Colts from time to time. And there’s something neat about that, too, how his son’s interest became his.

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

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