Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Commentary Picks, 1 Corinthians - Revelation

Here's my last installment of my #1 go-to commentaries on each book of the Bible. You can view my other picks:

Genesis - 2 Samuel
1 Kings - Lamentations
Ezekiel - Romans

1 Corinthians: The First Epistle to the Corinthians (New International Commentary on the New Testament, or NICNT) by Gordon D. Fee. The problem with Fee is the length—over 800 pages of commentary on an epistle of 16 pages (but then again, see Philippians below). But it is difficult for me to imagine not at least perusing this commentary when studying 1 Cor. If you need a shorter book, try 1 Corinthians (Tyndale New Testament Commentaries, or TNCT) by Leon Morris.

2 Corinthians: 2 Corinthians (Expositor’s Bible Commentary, or EBC) by Murray J. Harris

Galatians: Though I’m nervous about my former professor’s apparent embrace of Emergent stuff, Scot McKnight’s commentary on Galatians (NIV Application Commentary) seems very solid to me.

Ephesians: Woefully short on Ephesians commentaries, I was glad to acquire Klyne Snodgrass’s commentary on Ephesians (NIV Application Commentary).

Philippians: Peter T. O’Brien’s Commentary on Philippians (New International Greek Testament Commentary, or NIGTC) averages 100+ pages of commentary per chapter in Philippians, but it’s good stuff. (I remember being assigned to read O’Brien’s commentary on Php 2:5-11 one night and discovering it was 85 pages long!)

Colossians: Colossians/Philemon (NIV Application Commentary) by David E. Garland. A wealth of good analysis and application.

1-2 Thessalonians: F. F. Bruce’s 1 & 2 Thessalonians (Word Biblical Commentary, or WBC)

1-2 Timothy, Titus: Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles (NIGTC) by George W. Knight III

Philemon: Colossians/Philemon (NIV Application Commentary) by David E. Garland

Hebrews: I’ll mention two: The Epistle to the Hebrews (NICNT) by F. F. Bruce and Hebrews: A Call to Commitment by William L. Lane. The latter one is slimmer and helpful in understanding the overall structure of the book and the intent of each section.

James: Commenting on Romans I mentioned that Douglas Moo (one of my former professors) seems to be the Romans scholar. He’s close to being the James scholar as well, with two commentaries on it. I only own one of them, James (TNTC), and it’s my pick.

1 Peter: 1 Peter (IVP New Testament Commentary Series) by I. Howard Marshall

2 Peter: 2 Peter, Jude (NIV Application Commentary) by Douglas Moo. It’s very good.

1-3 John: I want a better commentary on these books. The best I have right now is John Stott’s The Epistles of John (TNTC).

Jude: 2 Peter, Jude (NIV Application Commentary) by Douglas Moo

Revelation: I really like Grant Osborne’s Revelation (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament). Osborne was my Greek professor at Trinity as we worked through 1 Peter and Philippians. He is also a fellow graduate of Fort Wayne Bible College.

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