Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Kids Aren't Socially Stunted

How on earth will home school kids be socialized?

This is one of the arguments against home schooling that has at times amused me and at other times caught me at the wrong time.

Now I realize that there are home school situations that are not good, where kids are not educated, and where kids never leave the home, but that is not the norm.

Andrew is on a home school basketball team. At his game tonight, I watched all the kids interacting with one another, on the court, off the court, in the parking lot. I listen all the way home to my kids talk about this conversation, that conversation, who's doing what, and who likes whom. And I think to myself, "Yeah, my kids are struggling with socialization."

My kids are connected at home school basketball, home school gym class, our youth group, another youth group, and in the neighborhood.

I don't get the argument, unless people are arguing from the extreme cases and not the norm.

Another thing, what does the Bible have to say about socialization? As near as I can tell the primary means of socialization is the family. The Bible says that parents are to teach their kids God's law, talking about in all sorts of settings, throughout all the routines of life (see Deut 6 and 10).

So perhaps in terms of socialization, if anyone is to be taken to task, it should be those who hardly ever see their kids throughout the week because their kids are involved in 15 extra-curricular activities or are sequestered in their rooms in front of the TV.


dean said...

My observation leads me to wonder how effective or desirable is the socialization of the public system?

Kent S said...

I completely agree; that's worth further elaboration in another post, perhaps.