Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Week From Now ...

With inauguration one week away and the new Congress already at work, what do we have to look forward to in the weeks and months ahead?

  • Reversal of all abortion restrictions? Abortion on demand? Infanticide?
  • Gay marriage legalized across the country?
  • Hate speech legislation forbidding ministers to condemn homosexuality and even requiring them to marry gay couples?
  • Fairness doctrine severely curtailing talk radio?
  • Socialized medicine?
  • Escalating taxes and the resultant economic inactivity?
  • Escalating unemployment?
  • Negotiations with terrorists? Withdrawal of our support of Israel?
  • Lessening vigilance for terrorism and subsequent terrorist attacks on American soil?
  • Coal capping which leads to escalating electric bills which leads to further escalating food prices?
Have I missed anything?


dean said...

Can't forget the previous post in our expectations. Hang on though, it could be a rough ride that bounces many issues we hold near and dear. I expect we will be required to think (gasp!) and remember the worldview that brings us to these positions. The challenges of the coming term may cause us to focus on truth and the real Messiah who is the source of real, lasting and positive change that we can believe in. We can not only believe (give mental agreement) in His changes, we can actually experience them as we believe (commit all of our lives wholeheartedly) Him.

Kent S said...