Monday, January 26, 2009

President Bush's Legacy

With regards to President Bush's "legacy," Thomas Sowell hit the nail on the head several days ago.

President Bush's number one achievement was also the number one function of government— to protect its citizens. Nobody on September 11, 2001 believed that there would never be another such attack for more than seven years.

Unfortunately, people who are protected from dangers often conclude that there are no dangers. This is most painfully visible among those Americans who are hysterical over the government's intercepting international phone calls, in order to disrupt international terrorist networks....

That a President of the United States protected us from deadly enemies may not seem like much of an accomplishment to some. But it may be more fully appreciated when we get a President who eases up on that protection, in order to curry favor at home and abroad.

We can only hope that it will not take the sight of an American city lying in radioactive ruins to wake people up to the dangers that George W. Bush protected us against, despite an unending chorus of carping.

(I commented on Bush's achievement in this area June 16 and June 10.)

Sowell's assessment isn't blind to Bush's mistakes as president. He cites Bush's greatest areas of "dereliction of duty," too.

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