Saturday, January 24, 2009

Star 88.3's Playlist

I've joked with my friends that Star 88.3's playlist has a basic 3-slot rotation that goes like this:
  • "Shine" by the Newsboys
  • a Third Day song
  • a different song
"Shine" gets airplay on Star 88.3 all the time even though it is 15 years old, and I wonder if Third Day owns the station somehow. Now actually, the song and the group are both great; I just can't believe how much airplay they get.

I mentioned my tongue-in-cheek conception of Star's playlist in a youth newsletter. Since then, I have discovered I have a host of friends. They call me when "Shine" is playing on Star. The latest incident occurred today when Pat called me. Upon answering the phone he put his phone up to his radio so that I could listen to "Shine."


j.scantlin said...

In the most obvious way the comparison is apples and oranges, I know, but there are so many parallels between what you describe as Star 88.3's playlist and how I'd characterize MSNBC's daily headlines I don't even know where to begin.

michelle said...

I feel old. I went to a Newsboy's concert when that song was reaching popularity. Even had a blue shirt with a stippled white smiley face on the back and "Shine" written on the front.

On another note: I think Christian radio kind of stinks. At least in Fort Wayne. I too have noticed them playing the same songs over and over and over again. And maybe a word about Christian music: I feel as if it has declined in creativity and originality. Three chords per song. Yeah, the lyrics are sometimes amazing, but the music, not so much. I find myself skipping by the Christian stations on the radio...purely because I'm not so fond of the music. Maybe I'm being too harsh?

Kent S said...

I agree, Michelle.