Saturday, January 10, 2009

They Call Him "Dean"

Last night the Northside youth group headed down to Ossian to play some b-ball and dodgeball with the youth at Living Faith. My son and my nephews went, and they had a great time.

Of course on the way home I get an earful about the event, and they started telling me about Dean, what a great basketball player he is. They were impressed, because a) he's a fantastic rebounder, and b) he's older.

Andrew also clarified with me that he was talking about Mr. Stuckey, but he was referring to him as "Dean" because that's what everyone else calls him at Living Faith. (Andrew has in fact many times spent the night at Mr. Stuckey/Dean's house, hanging out with Mr. Stuckey/Dean's son, Dustin.)

Then tonight my nephew Calvin starts talking to me again about Dean, that when you're on Dean's team and you put up a shot, you don't really have to worry if it's going to go in or not, because you know if it doesn't go in, Dean is right there under the basket to grab the rebound and make a score. In fact, Calvin called him a "black hole under the basket," because a loose ball to be rebounded can never escape his grasp.

Dean, congratulations! You impressed my son and my nephew! Good job.

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dean said...

WE had a great time! Calvin, Andrew, Josh and Pete were great teammates. It was a good thing they could shoot so well. (And Yeah, I'm paying the price for being older today, but it was well worth it.)