Wednesday, February 18, 2009

18 Years Ago

Feb 19, 1991 (Tues)

Scene 1: Sara's study. It was a rainy overcast afternoon. Sara and I were in her study at Curdes Avenue Missionary Church. Her dad was pastoring there at the time, and Sara had a room there where she studied. I proposed marriage to Sara. I tell people she said Yes 6 weeks later, but in truth she said Yes when I proposed.

Scene 2: Her dad's study. She then informed me that I had to ask her dad. I wasn't prepared for that. A nerve-wracking proposition, though Sara's dad and I got along just fine. We went to his office, and I asked him for his daughter's hand in marriage. He gave his blessing. Then Sara called her mom at work and informed of her of her good fortune in acquiring such a son-in-law.

Scene 3: Service Merchandise. We then drove to Service Merchandise where I purchased a ring for my new fiancee. (No, I didn't buy it ahead, but I had the money ready.)

Scene 4: My home. Eventually I ended up back at home and informed my parents of our engagement. Sara and I think that she did not come with me, but we can't remember for sure. I can't remember my parents' exact reaction, either, but I know they were pleased.

Scene 5: My home, 18 years later. I've never regretted the new life for me that the events of that day set into motion, and Sara has only regretted it half a dozen times. Here I am, happily married with 4 kids, no pets, and a great church family. As I pass through this life in preparation for the next, the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful traveling companion.


Phillip A. said...

That is so adorable I think I threw up a little. I can't wait to be able to say that I've been married 18 years! Awesome!

dean said...

Sounds like all you're missing is a dog! Congratulations!

Tera said...

This helped inspire my vomit inducing post on my blog. Yes, I finally blogged. You must have just missed it when you looked this morning:)