Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Islamic Eschatology Easy to Understand, Sobering to Contemplate

Joel Rosenberg summarizes Iran's Islamic end-time theology in 8 brief points.

1. The end of the world is near and the Islamic Messiah known as the Mahdi or the 12th Imam is coming soon.

2. The Islamic Messiah will only come when the world is engulfed in chaos and carnage.

3. Islamic leaders can hasten the arrival of the Islamic Messiah by annihilating two countries -- Israel, "the Little Satan," and the United States, "the Great Satan."

4. It is not just possible, it is the God-given mission of Iran's leaders to destroy Jews and Christians or force them to convert to Shia Islam.

5. Iran must rapidly acquire the technology necessary to accomplish genocide -- namely nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

6. Israel's "defeat" by Hezbollah and Hamas and Israel's divided election results indicate the Jewish states is increasingly weak and prepared for destruction. The severe economic crisis in the U.S. shows America is about to collapse as well.

7. With the U.S. and Israel so weakened and their collapse imminent, there is no incentive to truly negotiate with "Satan" and give up Iran's pursuit of advanced nuclear technology.

8. However, there is an incentive to buy time until Iran builds, buys or steals the weapons it needs to accomplish its genocidal, apocalyptic objectives.

Does President Obama understand this?

Rosenberg says we must be praying for great mercy on the US and Israel and great wisdom for their leaders.

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