Wednesday, March 4, 2009

God Heals Vans

With the transmission leak I was getting nervous. I had to fill it a few times over the last few months.

But before I got it into our mechanic, we got a flat tire, and that had to be replaced (and the cheap tires aren't as cheap as they used to be). But we had the money put back to cover that, anyway.

So I scheduled an appt. with John (our mechanic) for an oil change and a look at the transmission. I was nervous about the transmission end of things. '95 Caravan transmissions aren't known for their heartiness, especially at 163,000 miles.

But before our appointment, the heat went out.

So I got the van into John (our mechanic). Oil change, fine. Transmission leak, fixed a couple clamps, no problem. Heating, there's our problem.

"It's not the thermostat. Got to rip off the dash, and I don't do that. I'll take it to a guy I know." So he did.

Labor estimate alone: $200, plus then fixing the problem, which they don't know what it is until they get under the dash.

Ahhhh. "I'll think about it." Later, to Sara, "Spring's almost here; we can make it for now without heat." To the Lord, "Lord, please heal the heat in the van. Would you make it work again?"

Then the cold snap hit. Too cold for Sara and the kids. Even too cold for me. So I was telling Pat that we were going to get it fixed. Sheila was right there and told me about a co-worker who likes to do that stuff and does it cheap.

So I went to see him on his break yesterday. On the way: "Lord, please let this be fixable and relatively inexpensive." Jim had it fixed in less than 5 minutes!

Driving away: "Lord, you are amazing! Thank you so much!"

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