Monday, April 13, 2009

9 Authors I Never Plan to Read

  1. John Shelby Spong--retired Episcopal bishop who doesn't believe in Christianity. He believes theism is dead and Christology is bankrupt. He also denies the virgin birth, the resurrection, and the ascension. Why does he call himself a Christian, then?
  2. President Barack Obama--I'm not a big fan of his brand of change.
  3. Philip Pullman--The man who hates C. S. Lewis and wants to dissemble his Christian worldview as portrayed in Narnia ... I think I can do without him.
  4. Eckhart Tolle--There's a strong desire in me to not read anything on Oprah's Book Club list, except that she has chosen some books that are good in their own right. But Tolle's brand of religion is known in the Bible as the "doctrines of demons" (1 Tim 4:1 NASB).
  5. Ed Young--Nothing rock hard solid against him, but his books look more like self-help books, and I'm not interested in that.
  6. Al Franken--I think I would starve for truth.
  7. Bill Maher--The guy drives me nuts (and I think he would be happy to know he drives a pastor nuts), though I would welcome his conversion, as with any of these authors.
  8. Janet Evanovich--Her books don't look appealing.
  9. Umberto Eco--I've stumbled through two of his novels now, and I don't plan to subject myself to that literary vertigo again.

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