Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wonderfully Lost in the 1860s

A simple pleasure I've enjoyed recently is reading at McDonald's.

For the last several Thursdays I've taken Caty to volleyball practice at Brookside Community Church.

Too far to drive back (don't want to waste the gas), I would then drive up the road a mile or so to the nearest McDon's, order a large pop (only $1.08 total), and sit in a booth and read the first volume of Shelby Foote's magnum opus, The Civil War.

The cares of the week forgotten, for 100 minutes each Thursday I was immersed in another world, a world where the names Lincoln, Grant, Davis, Beauregard, Lee, S. A. Johnston, J. E. Johnston, Sherman, Foote, Halleck, Forrest, Pope, Polk, and Buell were the heroes and villains of the day.

But alas, Caty's last day of open gym was last Thursday. (Sigh)

Sidenote: Because they ended up on opposite sides of the battle lines, Sidney A. and Joseph E. narrowly missed creating an entrepreneurial venture called Johnston & Johnston.

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