Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tongue in Cheek

My dad sent me and 300 other people various "threes" about himself, and then he asked us to respond. So I did. Here's some of what I sent.

3 dogs I'll never own
--Pug, German Shepherd, Canine

3 daily menu selections for my dad if he comes to live with me in his old age
--tomato soup, yogurt, tofu

3 things my parents should've warned me about
--adjustable rate mortgages, missionary kids, Jeff

3 names I considered for my kids and subsequently rejected
--Gladys, Grace, Dagmar

3 jokes my dad has only told me once

3 things my dad never seems to forget
--how good potato chips are, how to email, where the closest dollar store is at

1 comment:

Phillip A. said...

3 Nicknames I've been given throughout my life.

-Philbert, the White Kenyan, Ogre Phil