Monday, June 15, 2009

A Couple Snippets from Yesterday's Reading

Besides the fact that the ark was a sort of grave for [Noah] for ten months, there can be nothing more unpleasant than to be confined so long—almost immersed in the dung of animals!

--John Calvin, illustrating the fact that the OT saints did not live trouble-free lives, but their hope was also in the next life, not this one; Institutes of the Christian Religion, 1:436-37 [2.10.10]

People who neglect attendance at the house of God are not only being unscriptural—let me put it bluntly—they are fools. My experience in the ministry has taught me that those who are least regular in their attendance are the ones who are most troubled by problems and perplexities.

--D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Faith on Trial: Studies in Psalm 73, 40

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