Monday, June 15, 2009

Not an Accomplished Reader

People who don't read much think I'm a voracious reader. I'm not. I'm a rather slow reader.

I can't compete with these guys. Consider Mark Dever's reading list during his one-week vacation. Or consider Albert Mohler's suggested summer reading list. Or consider Collin Hansen's suggested summer theology reading list.

I'll be lucky to read 10 books period duing the summer, let alone 10 theology books.

I know who Mohler is, I'm familiar with Hansen, and I've only heard Dever's name, but I'm guessing these guys have minds that far surpass mine. Geniuses keep me humble. I would love to read much faster than I do, retaining much more than I do, but ... I am humbled. I'm glad there are guys who do read voraciously so that they can recommend to the rest of us what to read.

Related: George W. Bush reads a lot more than I do, too, even when he was leader of the free world.

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