Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roadblocks to Effortless Blogging

I enjoy blogging, but "easy" and "effortless" are not words I would choose to describe it. The roadblocks I encounter are the following:

1) Too much to talk about. Sometimes there is so much I want to write about it is hard to choose. Of course, I could blog about each one, but I try to limit myself to one post a day, because I don't think my 3 readers want to read through several posts a day.

2) Nothing to talk about. It's often the case where I can't think of a single thing.

3) Not enough time. Even short posts usually take time to craft, and I do my blogging at the church, not at home. So while I'm working on a post, I'm also thinking about all the stuff around me I could be working on.

4) Not enough passion. I sometimes keep a list of things I want to blog about for the future. However, my passion for some topics does not last. I'm excited when I write something down, but when I come back to it to actually do a post about it, I often think to myself, "What in the world? Why did I ever think blogging about the relative merits of gumdrops might be interesting?"

5) Uncertainty about my blogging audience. With only 3 readers, (and Merrill and Velma don't really count, cause they only check it once in a fortnight--so that just leaves me with one regular reader. Thanks, Mom. Oh, wait, she doesn't read it.), I want to write about what interests my readers. Okay, that's not entirely true; sometimes I throw caution to the wind and write about what interests me and probably only me, like the Civil War, for instance.

I'd continue this post except I'm out of time (#3 above) and I'm not sure what else to say (#2 above). But that's okay, because I'm losing interest (#4 above).


Anonymous said...

you have more than one reader. some of us just "lurk" - reading, but rarely leaving comments.

andrea r

michelle said...

Before I even saw who that comment was from, I assumed it was Andrea. :)

D S'more said...

when did you blog about the civil war? It must have been during my internet sabatical. I'm not sure if that's how u spell that, but whatever. Anyways, I will totally read your Civil War post. Where is it?