Thursday, July 9, 2009

Carrier's Theory of Yeller Buses

One of my favorite high school teachers died Friday. Mr. [Byron] Carrier taught science at Elmhurst High School. I had him for chemistry and advanced chemistry. Not my favorite subjects, but due to his polished teaching, I did okay.

He had a jovial personality. He was well-chosen to dress as Santa Claus for school Christmas assemblies.

Two specific memories: When illustrating what a scientific theory was (a theory being stronger than a hypothesis because it had the strength of multiple tests behind it ... I think), he told us of "Carrier's Theory of Yeller Buses." The theory stated that anytime you were in his classroom and looked out the windows, you would see yellow buses. That was true, because his window looked out upon one of FWCS's bus garages.

The other memory is Mr. Carrier's favorite pun. It had to do with barium on the periodic table, atomic weight 56. When Elmhust was due to play basketball or football on a given night, often Mr. Carrier would say, "Class, what are we going to do to [South Side] tonight? 56!" And we would respond appropriately: "Barium!"

If you like, read the obituary.

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Judy B. said...

I enjoyed reading your comments about my favorite uncle, Byron Carrier. He was truly a wonderful man, teacher, and father. I have a story to share with you. Before teaching at Elmhurst, he taught at one of the older high schools in South Bend. (He was a great Notre Dame fan, by the way.) One of his students asked how he got to be so tall. He replied that he ate a lot of peanut butter growing up. That Christmas the students in his classes brought him jars of peanut butter. He showed us a big box full of peanut butter jars. He got a real kick out of that. And since he had quite a large family, all that peanut butter came in handy.

Please pray for his wife and family that they will find comfort in our Lord and will draw even nearer to Him.

His niece, Judy