Friday, July 10, 2009

Listen to Good Preaching Online

Let me suggest two place to go online to hear good solid preaching.

A. W. Tozer: The first sermon I listened to (just yesterday) was "What Is It to Accept Jesus." Go to this link, look up that title, and click on "download."

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. I'd recommend a couple of sermons, but apparently they don't keep a long archive. They only have maybe a dozen sermons up at a time.

I don't think either Lloyd-Jones or Tozer had a voice for radio, so you'll have to get past a thick Welsh accent on the one hand, and a backwaters Appalachian twang on the other. But the content is what grips me.

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Jeff Elliott said...

Another good one is
Filled with preachers heavy on topics of revival--Ravenhill, Washer, etc;...
You can subscribe to them on youtube and they will appear on your youtube homepage.
I also enjoyed reading your thoughts on general conference and share mostly the same ideas.