Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Quasi Connection with Tozer

It brought a smile to my face to read a couple familiar names in Dorsett's biography of Tozer.

Tozer did Spiritual Emphasis Week services at my alma mater, Fort Wayne Bible College, in 1948 and 1954. (And no, I wasn't there at the time to hear him speak.)

Also, "Ira Gerig served with Tozer for a year and a half from 1942 until mid-1943 and he, too, was encouraged and given constructive guidance. He pointed out [in a letter dated 2/20/99] that the Christian and Missionary Alliance saw Tozer's giftedness in teaching and encouraging young pastors. Therefore, they occasionally scheduled daylong sessions for the Chicago pastor to simply pass on some of his wisdom to the new generation of ministers" (134).

Ira Gerig served at the Bible College for several years in the music department. He was my piano teacher for a few years while I was at the college, and he also played the organ for our wedding.

While I was at the piano the whole time for each lesson, we weren't always talking about the piano. Part of the time I spent listening to his wisdom and opinions about different ministry-related things. And I believe I did hear once that he served with Tozer for a time.

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