Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Probably Only Interesting to Me

Having recently read biographies of both D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and A. W. Tozer, I was intrigued by a reference to Lloyd-Jones in Tozer's bio and vice versa.

Both books comment on Lloyd-Jones' opinion of Tozer and not the reverse.

Tozer's biographer comments: "Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones ... the celebrated preacher who held one of the most influential pulpits in the English-speaking world [Westminster Chapel], had been urging Tozer to come and preach at his church in London." (154)

Tozer and Lloyd-Jones met once in 1956 when they both ministered at the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Ontario.

Mrs. Lloyd-Jones wrote in one letter, "We had our first hearing of Dr Tozer last night, and I must say that was quite an experience in itself--interesting and refreshing--like nobody else and with a complete lack of the showmanship which spoils so many of the good men this side [of the Atlantic]." (Lloyd-Jones' bio, Vol 2, 285)

Speaking at the close of the conference, Lloyd-Jones himself said, "I shall ever look back to it as being unique in my experience because I have had the privilege of sharing in the ministry with Dr Tozer. Ever since I read a book by him I have felt that he is one of the very few great prophetic voices in the Church today, and in the modern world, ... His books have whetted my appetite, but having heard him now actually in the flesh I see that even his books do not do him full justice." (285)

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hdbdan said...

Kent, it is interesting to me too as they are, along with Spurgeon, like spiritual fathers to me. I remember listening to a Tozer sermon where he commented on their meeting at that conference. He said that it was amazing how spiritually minded men who where given the mind of God for a particular time harmonized in their preaching. The both spoke at that conference, said Tozer, about the Holy Spirit and the need for his power in their day. Interesting to me that they were about the only "sane" well known preachers of their day who still held to the doctrine of the "baptism of the Spirit" post-conversion. I assume this was their theme at the conference at is was their usual emphasis regarding the Holy Spirit. They were the last of the prophets imho. dan