Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Probably the Only Thing on the Internet about Michael Jackson

A friend of mine emailed me and asked me why I hadn't blogged about Michael Jackson yet and was I joining the other 999,999,999 people watching the funeral?

Well ...

I was stunned and sorry to hear of Jackson's death. I liked his music when I was growing up. "Thriller" was my favorite, and I often caught myself singing "Bad." "Man in the Mirror" was overplayed for my taste, though. I still enjoy his music: On one of my Christmas CDs The Jackson 5 sing "Up on the Housetop," and Michael's voice stands out and is a treat to listen to.

The guy was a genius in his field. He seemed to be able to stay out ahead of the curve musically.

But outside of his field, he was mixed up, and the signs were obvious--from black to white, from man to almost woman, the numerous plastic surgeries, the child/sex thing, Jehovah's Witness, short-lived marriage to Presley, the surrogate mother thing, Neverland Ranch, etc.

I feel sorry for him because, assuming the news I read is true, he was abused and exploited growing up. He appeared to be searching for meaning, happiness, truth.

I feel sorry for him, but at the same time I am not unaware that God gives to us all light, and if we walk in the light we have, he will give us more, eventually confronting us with the love and demands of Christ. If Michael Jackson goes to a Christless eternity, he does not go as a victim; he goes as one who could've known Christ, but his choices led him away from that.

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