Friday, July 31, 2009

Sins We Aren't As Likely to Confess

Last night I was reviewing some of my college theology notes. One item that caught my eye was an appendix my prof, Dr. Wes Gerig, added to a discussion of the relationship between the Christian and sin.

The appendix is “a list of sins so often called something else but sins and hence not confessed, i.e., they are not called the same thing as God calls them.”

  • cheating on a test or term paper
  • reporting work done that has not, in fact, been done
  • false reporting on income tax blanks
  • padding expense accounts
  • breaking civil laws, such as the traffic laws
  • unfaithfulness to one’s marriage vows
  • shoplifting or taking things from one’s employer
  • robbery of time from an employer
  • robbery from employees by paying poor wages
  • fits of temper
  • overeating
  • prayerlessness
  • lack of Bible study and meditation
  • neglect of church attendance and support of the church in other ways
  • exaggeration
  • harming the body
  • refusal to forgive a wrongdoer or an enemy
  • lack of tithing and giving to God

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