Friday, July 31, 2009


I've decided to lead my S. S. class into a study of Zechariah.

No, I don't have a death wish, and no, I'm not trying to drive the attendance down.

Granted, it's in the OT
... and one of the prophets
... one of the minor prophets, that is
... and arguably one of the most difficult books of the Bible to understand,
still I was fascinated by it as I read through it this last time.

For one thing, I grasped more of it this time through than I ever have. (That's not unusual, though, because there is such a thing as progressive illumination, I think.)

Plus, there's too much there I don't understand just to breeze on by. So let's dig in.

Who knows? In two weeks I may jump to 1 John.

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