Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Looking for Ideas to Blog about

Got any?

I've thought of some, but none really grab me.

Is it sad that there was more passion than usual in church last Sunday, but it was because the Colts were playing later that day?


Are faux hawks in style, b/c I saw two tellers sporting faux hawks today? At two different banks!


... I don't know. Got any ideas?

I'm sure something will come to me eventually.


Phillip A. said...

State of the Union address?

Kent said...

Things you've been studying, reading, or current events. I guess that's a lot of what you've been blogging about, and it's been really good!

Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD! Did someone say Passion in Church? Colts don't interest me -- except so far as my family is interested (I love them, of course.) I also root for the state of Indiana and such group concerns as such (the Indy Colts, notwithstanding). But my FIRST LOVE is JESUS CHRIST! I hardly ever miss opportunity to be where He is. In spite of people who refuse to attend church, or who refuse to attend church regularly that's not me. Indy Colts aren't going to be around eternally. Period. But Christ, who thought the supreme, elevated state of being equal with God not a thing to be grasp said "My Father is greater than I" (John 14:28). THAT IS LOVE! THAT IS PASSION. THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. And that is MARRIAGE: The marriage of ALMIGHTY GOD TO HUMANITY, HIS CHURCH! He became less than the Father. He is less than the Father. He always will be less than the Father. He is the head of the body. We are the body. He left heaven to do this. THAT IS LOVE!!!!!! And dare I thinik for one single, infinitesimal moment that I should be passionate about anything else? May God forbid. I love Him with my heart, my mind, my life, my strength, my soul and my anything or everything else. May all, all, all, all, all else pale in significance to my love for Christ. May the church and their attendance and passion for him so ever be!!!! Anything less, should never appear as even to be a smidgen of reality in the life history of one who claims to be a follower of the Cross. Truly, as a bridegroop leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, Christ did that for me. AGAIN, THAT IS LOVE!!!!!!!!! --Ralph