Monday, March 22, 2010

A Book about Books

To this book lover, a book about books by someone who loves books is a treat. Further, the author shares some of my passions, and so the books about which he writes are the kinds of books I'd be interested in.

Eugene Peterson's Take & Read: Spiritual Reading, An Annotated List has been sumptuous fare. I picked it up some 9 years ago according to the receipt tucked in the pages.

Under various categories Peterson talks about books that he loves and gives a brief description of each. I have a running "books wish list" on my computer, and I have added several titles just from reading Take & Read.

Part of the fun in reading the book, too, was seeing the books I already have or have already read.

There are 20 categories and include such titles as "Classics," "Prayer," "The Psalms," "Jesus," "Novelists," "Poets," "Pastors," "Mysteries," "Place," and "Sin and the Devil." There are roughly 10-15 books in each category.

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Kent said...

Sounds like an interesting book.