Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 Questions about the Final Judgment

1. How many judgments will there be? (Believers & unbelievers judged together? Judged at separate times?)

2. When will the final judgment(s) take place?

3. Will the sins of believers be reviewed, or only their good works?

4. Will each man’s judgment be public, or will it be a private review between him and Christ?

5. Will unbelievers recognize the justice of Christ’s judgments (Rom 3:19?), or will they believe themselves to be dealt with unjustly (Mt 7:21-23)?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kent, even if God exposed the church's sins to everyone even in the church to the church for the church, much less also if He did so to the world; And if He also exposed every single sin of every single person from every single age of the entire existance of the world, NO ONE COULD COMPREHEND THAT. NO ONE BUT GOD! --So, does it really matter, escept for God's holy glory? Do we not really live, as Christians, for the glory of God's grace? The Bible says that even in THE LAST JUDGMENT, that the books were opened and the dead, -- NOT THE LIVING -- were judged by what was written in the Books, i.e, the LAW AND THE PROPHETS. God is the God of the living not the dead. And judgment will be AGAINST THE DEAD WHO HAVE NOT LIVED FOR HIM. It will be FOR THEM. When God jusdges the cause of the widow and the orphans and the strangers, which is indicated in the Old Testament, THAT KIND OF JUDGMENT IS FOR -- NOT AGAINST the widow the orphan and the foreigners. Most likely, the LAST JUDGMENT, once it is begun in serach for names in the Lamb's book of life, will be FAST! And, probably, the ones standing naked in front of the throne, without any spiritual clothing, as Paul said (2 Corinthians 5:3) will not be saved. And without having a wedding garment -- THEY WILL BE CAST OUT, AFTER HAVING BEEN RAISED FROM DEATH, AND AFTER HAVING COME INTO THE PRESENCE OF THE GLORIOUSLY, AWEFUL, SPOTLESS, WHITE THRONE IN THE MIDST OF THE KINGDOM, AND INTO THE PRESENCE OF THE JUDGE SEATED ON IT, THE TRAIN OF WHOSE ROBE FILLS THE THE RESPLENDANT, MIGHTY TEMPLE OF JEHOVAH -- thes people will be utterly contemned!
I personally do not believe the sins of the church will be exposed. Private sins are to be dealt with in private in this life. Public sins are to be dealt with in public in this life, as the Scritures do indicate. My Dad once said, "Ralph, everybody's business is nobody's business." People arn't interested in me and don't really care to learn all about everyone else, when they've got enough trouble with keeping their own back yard clean. Angels have joy with the righteous repenting. None of them are anxious to be looking into any particular sins. They only love to look into and hear the preaching of the cross, as the Scriptures teach. I doubt that any of the judgments of God are slow, by any means of the term. They are swift here with individuals in the church and with individuals in the world and with independent nations. And have most always been son in Biblical history. Only God has the kind of mind that comprehends everything about everybody. Saints rejoice when sinners and fellow saints repent. Who cares any more about anything before that?
The judgment is for God and God alone (Psalm 51:4) And the Bible says that the wrath of man shall Praise Him. According to Hebrews, Christ will appear the second time without sin unto salvation for all who look for Him. That is RIGHTEOUS FAITH! Only the Church is doing that! If the church has already judged herself, or has already been judged by God, through the disciplinary action of our Heavenly Father (1 Corinthians 11:30-32), a thousand years before THE WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT, then what is left of any judgment against her to be exposed to the world? When I attended my sons' weddings, I did not proclaim to every guest in attendance any of their faults when growing up as children. When my sons became men, they put childish things behind them forever. What good would there be in exposing their foolish childishness to anyone on their wedding day? Nobody does that. And I doubt God will do that to HIS SON'S BRIDE, either, but present her as not having spot or wrinkle. Because she has made herself ready; and Her own righteousness have played a part in doing so (Revelation 19). --Dad