Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

This morning Andrew and I were recalling how we got my dad a year ago today.

We were at Massanutten in Virginia with some family. My dad loves April Fool's Day. He loves pranking people.

Since he was in the back room, the rest of us agreed to get him to believe there was a black bear in the woods across from our balcony. We called him excitedly.

You should have seen Dad scoot out of that room and cross the apt. quicker than a dog-chased squirrel. Audrey was blocking the door, and--this is the funniest part--Dad hastily scooted her out of the way so he could get out the door onto the balcony. Once the "April Fool's" had been announced, we melted with laughter.

YOUR TURN: What's one of the best April Fool's gags you've been a part of?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I think she forgets; but a couple of years ago, I dialed our phone number from another phone in the house. And Your Mom, rushed to get it. And when she picked it up ... "APRIL FOOL!" I said. And on April Fool's day yesterday 2010, I leaned over the kitchen table and looked outside toward the ground, stating: "There's a dead dog on our patio!" She quickly responded, "No!" But she quickly remembered that yesterday was "April Fool's Day." And then she said, "Well, you almost got me." Since she didn't come to look out the window herself, she thought she was safe. But I know that for an instant she actually believed me. :-) --Dad