Monday, April 26, 2010

My 2nd 5K

Me, Phil, and Garrett

Saturday I ran in the Walk, Run, Bike, Drive for Jesus 5K in Columbia City. (The purpose of the race was to promote the National Day of Prayer in Whitley Co.)

I've been running off and on since January 2007. The reason I started running was to lose weight and to get in heart shape. I don't run real long distances, and I don't run fast, but it's still good exercise.

My friend Phil asked me to run this race with him a couple months ago, and I finally agreed, realizing that I was probably going to have to walk parts of it. (I hadn't worked back up to 3 miles.)

Thunderstorms were forecast, but it didn't even rain while we ran. It was great running weather, which was good, because I typically run a lot longer than other runners.

Phil's 8-year-old nephew Garrett also ran with us. And when I say we ran together, I mean that we were in the same race, but Phil finished 4th overall, and Garrett was also way ahead of me, finishing 32nd. I was 42nd. (I echo Jay Carty's sentiments, who once said about his brief stint with the Lakers that his opponents would often do a double-take when he ran, because they never saw something working so hard going so slow.)

But my hope was to run the whole thing, and I did, by God's grace. It was my 2nd 5K, my first one being almost 3 years ago.

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