Monday, April 12, 2010

Warning against Adultery

A quick summary of Proverbs 5:

1 Listen to me 2 to be wise. 3 Adulteresses seem good, 4 but the truth is otherwise. 5 They lead to death, 6 and they don't even realize it.

7 Obey me. 8 Stay away from them 9 lest you wreck your life 10 and lose everything. 11 You'll always regret it 12 and confess your folly: 13 "I was stubborn; 14 now I'm ruined."

15 Stick to your wife--16 no other relationship. 17 None! 18 Take joy in your wife; 19 focus on her. 20 Why go to someone else?

21 God sees all you do. 22 Your evil deeds will trap you. 23 Your undisciplined life will kill you.


j.scantlin said...

Make sure this one gets in your book. You had me curious, did you really summarize 23 verses in 90 words? The opposite, more common process -- many paragraphs of exposition -- may not have caused me to 1) look the passage up, 2) think as much and/or 3) read this post in the first place.

Kent S said...

You counted the words?

j.scantlin said...

I thought it might be significant. As it turns out the number 90 is an inversion of 06, or 2006, a year that began on a Sunday, the 6th year of the third millennium, which was also the 250th anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was notably devoted to his wife, Constanze.

Just make sure this post makes it into your book. I think it's brilliant.

Kent S said...

I hate to ask, but ... what book?

j.scantlin said...

People like you write books. People like me read books written by people like you.