Monday, May 10, 2010

9 Animals I've Encountered

  1. Rabbits in my yard
  2. Chipmunks living in my van
  3. Buck running down our street
  4. My cat Wilbur was my favorite pet growing up (despite the rich liquidy warmth he left on my bed one New Year’s Eve)
  5. Rode a horse named Big Red out west
  6. Deer almost diverted my car and me into a ditch the night Andrew was born
  7. Killed a snake and a frog during one mowing job when I was a kid
  8. Seven to eight cows in our front yard one morning when I was a kid
  9. Suzanne’s cat Precious attacked me for no good reason


Anonymous said...

Now about Precious, I'm sure she had a good reason to attack you. You were no doubt in her space and to her that wasn't allowed. And, I noticed that Wrigley was missing from the list. Or, was that only Sara's cat living in your apartment? Just wondering. Love, Mom Becky

Kent S said...

I don't think Precious had a good reason; I think she's an angry cat and she's looking to vent. As for Wrigley, he probably deserves a blog post all to himself, even as Judas merited considerable mention in the Gospels and Acts.