Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love it when a quorum doesn't come together

Church board meetings do not find a spot on my top ten list of fun things to do. So when I pulled into the church parking lot Monday night and saw only 3 other vehicles in the lot, my attitude got a little boost. A quorum has to be present in order for us to conduct church business, and I already knew of 2-3 guys that were not going to be there.

When we gathered, the chairman announced that we needed one more person for there to be a quorum, and that we would wait 15 minutes to see if one showed up. So we talked. After 20 minutes, he dismissed us, but one of the other members said, “Wait, I have a couple questions.”

At this point I’m thinking, “Nooooo. I want to get home to Sara and the kids. What if someone pulls up in the next 5 minutes, then we’ll have to meet, and worse--we’ll be starting the meeting 25 minutes late … and therefore ending 25 minutes late!”

But we made it through his boring questions (something about moving the air conditioning and something else about keys and locks). We walked out of that room a half hour after we first sat down. I was elated! A few men left immediately, and then one of the board members we were waiting for showed up. Whew!! That was close!

But, you know, … 30 minutes?! Even our non-meetings are long!


Phillip A. said...

Man, I wish I could've been there! But only if one of the other members were not present. You know, to meet the quorum and all.

Kent S said...

I am glad you weren't.