Thursday, May 27, 2010

Inappropriate Advertising on This Blog

I got involved with Google's advertising mechanism on this blog as an easy way to generate some income. Income was generated as people clicked on the ads that were on my blog. (Incidentally, no income was in fact generated. Seems you're more interested in my posts than in the ads, which is fine.)

The ads that were placed on my blog I paid little attention to; only saw that they were similar in content to my posts. Further, I was not allowed to click on my blog's ads and try to self-generate my own income.

My brother emailed me today informing me that one ad that has shown up on my blog occasionally was heretical. So I watched it via another means. He's right.

So I pulled down the advertising. I do apologize for the ads that promoted error.

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Phillip A. said...

Hey, I've been a sell-out on my blog for quite a while. *Brooks* cough cough. Bye them now!