Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

Why do some of the stores at Glenbrook Mall not take the mall gift card?

Reading a book a second sometimes enhances understanding, sometimes enjoyment, occasionally both. I attempted William Faulkner for the first time a few years ago--The Hamlet. I struggled understanding it and finally gave it up. I came across a recommendation for The Hamlet recently (by Eugene Peterson), so I thought I'd give it another try. I'm understanding it and enjoying it much more this go-around.

I want to be my kids' friend. I've often heard, and we've often said, that we aren't our kids' friends; we are their parents. The point is that we will do what's right and best for them regardless of their opinion. We're not out to win popularity polls. But I'm finding that's true only to a certain extent. The truth is, while I will try to do what's best for them, I also want to be their friend. I want a free, enjoyable relationship with them. Even our Master Jesus calls us friends.

McDonald's does a good job of keeping its business relevant. I've always thought of McDonald's as a kids' restaurant. But over the last few years, I've found that I personally enjoy it, even when the kids aren't around. They continue to be innovative. The renovations that the various McDonald's have undergone around us (some of them razed and rebuilt!) have made them adult-friendly, what with the free wireless, the mounted TVs, the coffee drinks (though not appealing to me, appealing to many adults), the lounge and overstuffed style seating. The dollar menu is a good thing, too, and they have some good stuff on the dollar menu. And what about the large drinks for a dollar? A small drink at Arby's is $1.49. When I want to get away from the church to study, McDonald's is my typical choice.

How typical of the English language that "raising a building" and "razing a building" have opposite meanings.

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j.scantlin said...

Random comments:

To some extent I agree with your characterization of Jean-Paul Sarte as a better meteorologist than philosopher.

Lettuce can hardly be described as the root of all evil ... upon which planet did you first occur?

What kind of a bank lets you swipe $1,000 onto your card at a Wal-Mart 175 miles from home? I suppose being Aretha has its pluses.