Friday, May 14, 2010

That's One Way to Put It

Here are some snatches from my reading that have caught my eye. For your reading pleasure ...

First, three descriptions of characters from three different novels:

[He had] the face of the breathing archetype and protagonist of all men who marry young and father only daughters and are themselves but the eldest daughter of their own wives. (William Faulkner, The Hamlet 9)

… for a man as proud as Stephen (and Lucifer could not hold a candle to him). (Patrick O'Brian, H.M.S. Surprise 358)

And look at this next one. What a great way to say, "Your friend laughs at the dumbest things."

There are times when I understand your partiality for your friend. He derives a greater pleasure from a smaller stream of wit than any man I have ever known. (Patrick O'Brian, Master and Commander 297)

Now here's some sanity in a sport-crazed culture:

If 19-year-old boys are ruining your day because of what they do with a ball, that's a problem. (Matt Chandler in a Christianity Today interview)

Finally, an arresting statement from Wikipedia:

A fourth novel was planned by author Stieg Larsson, however his sudden death in November 2004 prevented him from finishing the book.


Jeff Elliott said...

Did you see that quote from Matt Chandler on youtube? I've seen that. It's like a little interview in his office.

Kent S said...

No. Read about it in CT online.