Friday, June 4, 2010

The Case for the Crusades

What I’ve been taught about the Crusades:
  • Christians unfairly going to war against Muslims
  • A blot on the record of Church history
  • Many crusaders motivated by greed
According to Rodney Stark, that’s all wrong. He’s written a new book (which someone can buy me if they like) debunking the myths. But if you want a short cut-to-the-chase education on this bloody period of Church history, you can read this interview with Prof. Stark.

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j.scantlin said...

This subject interests me too. It seems to be used as an illustration of how dangerous Christians can supposedly be. I'd love to know the facts. Another subject along these lines is the Irish Republican Army and the war over Northern Ireland, often characterized as a war between protestants and Catholics, whereas I've seen it suggested that this had more to do with politics than religion--that the popular cultural view of a war over Christian theology does not accurately summarize what took place.