Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Higgs Boson

The story of A Hole in Texas (by Herman Wouk) revolves around super colliders and the race to discover the Higgs boson. In the story China beats the U.S. to the punch.

Wouk’s author’s note at the beginning of his work intrigued me, beginning, “At a rough guess, 99.9999 percent of all Americans don’t know what the hell a Higgs boson is.”

When he mentions a super collider--a topic of interest to my brother Jeff--a couple lines later, I thought, “I wonder if Jeff is among the .0001% who does know what a Higgs boson is.” When I asked him about it a few days later, he said he had heard of it, though he didn’t know precisely what it was.

To find out more about the Higgs boson, use your search engine.

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