Saturday, June 12, 2010

On This Date in (My) History

June 12, 1995 -- My first day as associate pastor at Northside. It was a Monday morning. We had a staff meeting (Pastor Ryan, the secretary, and myself) where I was given a bunch of information. Then I went down to my office and thought, "OK, now what do I do?"

I decided to look back in my journals to see what else I have done on this date in history.

Three years ago, June 12, 2007 -- Sara and I went on a date. We ate at Culver's (yum) and saw Ocean's 13 at Carmike Theater, munching on their Chicago-style gourmet popcorn.

Twenty-six years ago, June 12, 1984 -- I was 14. I'll just quote my journal: "I didn't work today. I studied quizzing 3 hrs. I had volleyball practice at 12:30, piano at 2:30, and trumpet at 3:00. I'm watching the 7th and final game of the NBA championship. Right now in the 4th quarter Boston is winning 101-93. Boston won. NUTS!!! Larry Bird was the MVP." (I was rooting for the Lakers in that series.)

Twenty-nine years ago, June 12, 1981 -- I was 11. It was an eventful day. According to my journal I ...
  • played 2 sets of tennis at the park with my best friend Jerrod (we split)
  • received my final report card (and there was a B+ on it in Social Studies, lest anyone think I only got A's)
  • found out which Wildcat baseball team I was going to play on for the summer (the Bretts, named after Kansas City hall-of-famer George Brett)
  • and played 2 games of Putt-Putt with my parents and brother (my dad won both games).

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