Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Know anybody who has to one-up you in each and every conversation? You tell the story of a fender bender, and they immediately tell you the story of having to be removed from an accident with the jaws of life. Your kids are in a musical, and their kids are advising the mayor.

This comedian so captures those kinds of people. About 4 minutes long.


j.scantlin said...

I've seen other comedians capture this better in clips that were at least 5 minutes long.

Kent S said...

O my word! You're one of those one-uppers, one of those ME MONSTERS!

Jeff Elliott said...

I don't know just one person like that. I know two! And they've been to the moon! (Note the subtle one-upsmanship of this comment over those of the blogger's miniscule insights into the nature and personality of the human race)