Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random Thoughts

Should we not question the sanity of someone who follows a dog every day until it defecates, scoops up the scat and carries it in a bag at his side?

Umpire Jim Joyce blew the rare feat of a perfect game for a Tigers' pitcher last night. Less than 20 perfect games have been pitched in Major League Baseball history. Last night Armando Galarraga had a perfect game going with 2 outs in the 9th inning when Joyce called a batter safe at 1st (when he was clearly out). Joyce says he was convinced he was safe until he saw the replay later. To his credit, Joyce sincerely apologized to Galarraga, and to his credit, Galarrage has handled himself well. My opinion: tough break, but that's part of the game. Instant replays aren't part of the game (except in rare instances, I understand), and so, until the rules change, human error in umpiring IS a part of the game of baseball.

Does anyone else roll their eyes when the government calls in Titanic director James Cameron for advice on how to deal with the oil spill problem?

Sara made an astute observation last night about cell phones. She told a friend of ours, "To Kent a cell phone would be a leash. For me, it frees me up (to be away from the house, run errands, etc.)."

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j.scantlin said...

James Cameron only made that boat look like it sank for the movie. In real life, that boat didn't sink. That's why James Cameron's been called in. Water disasters only appear to be happening when James Cameron is around.