Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who Gets Heard at the Kagan Hearings?

As I work at my south office (McDonald’s, corner of Anthony and 27) I’m watching Fox News’ coverage of the Kagan hearings, Elena Kagan being examined by the Senate for the Supreme Court. Fortunately for me, the audio is very low, so unless I pay attention, I don’t know what they’re saying. Which is great, because the chairman of this examining committee is allowing each of the members of the committee to give a 10-minute opening statement.

There are 19 senators on this committee! That’s 190 minutes—over 3 hours of “hearings.” Only we’re not hearing Kagan. We’re hearing the senators!

I’m almost inclined to say that if Kagan can sit respectfully and attentively to all these senators talk for 3 hours with the camera alternately trained on her and the senators, she deserves the job. Okay, no, not the job; but maybe she should get a big gift certificate to a really nice restaurant.

So 3 hours of hearings, and she hasn’t really talked yet. Sounds a bit typical of Congress, I guess, putting the cart before the horse. Isn’t their job to react to what she has to share? What do they possibly have to say before she’s talked? I would know if the audio were up, but again, I’m thankful it’s not.

Fox News just put up another caption that indicates that Kagan has never served as a judge before! (You probably all knew this. I’ve been out of the news-loop lately for the sake of my mental health.) Does this not seem a little ridiculous? I guess not, in lieu of the fact that our nation’s chief executive is in his first executive job.

But shouldn’t she at least judge on a minor league bench first? As near as I can tell, she’s didn’t even play high school judging.

Wait, it’s all good. Sen. Kerry, in his introduction of Kagan, just pointed out that if she is nominated, the Supreme Court will be 1/3 female. Then why the hearings? Doesn’t that seem like reason enough?

Well, as entertaining as this has been, I wish McDonald’s would switch the channel to something more stimulating and realistic, like Gilligan’s Island.

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