Monday, July 26, 2010


Driving on US 33 from WV into VA a few weeks ago was a wheel-gripping experience. Several factors led to this:
  • mountains, resulting in
  • steep grades up and steep grades down
  • fog and/or mist
  • nighttime
  • and rain, heavy rain.

What an experience that was! The Lord brought us through it, both vans.

Thirty-six hours later we sat in the McGaheysville United Methodist Church, listening to the music director share prayer requests from the pulpit. The biggest “Amen” from the congregation erupted when she praised the Lord for the rain on Friday and Saturday.

My mental eyebrows shot up (maybe even my physical ones), and a literal smile crossed my face as a wonderful reality dawned on me: the very rain that hampered and threatened us less than two days previous was an answer to prayer for the people of western Virginia.

In the end, the Lord was gracious to both groups. He gave our McGaheysville brothers and sisters much needed rain, and he took us Hoosiers through it.

Truly God is good, and God is great!

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