Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

To me politics is important, but ministry is more so. So I downplay politics in my ministry except in general terms (example: “abortion is wrong”). I don’t want to turn people away from the gospel I preach and teach because of my partisan advocacy. I have brothers and sisters in Christ who are Democrats, and I have brothers and sisters in Christ who are Republicans.

I may have to close my blogs if and when I ever candidate to pastor someone else. Some of my posts may be too serious / funny / immature / shallow / political / conservative / liberal / Arminian / Calvinist / tentative / radical / (fill in the blank) for a pastoral search committee. I may be giving a pastoral search committee too many reasons to say No to me.

Why does my local news feel Lindsay Lohan’s going to jail is something they need to report? In truth, they’re probably doing an excellent job of reporting the news most of their viewers want to hear. Alas, alas.

Do Denver-dwellers like to vacation to the flat Midwest in order to see flat land?

Why does the bank balk at counting change amounting to $1100? They have change-counting machines. They’re too busy? But isn’t changing money their business? If they won’t do it, what are we supposed to do? Bring it in a few dollars at a time?

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j.scantlin said...

Random question: why would you candidate to pastor elsewhere if you're able to pull $1100 out of your sofa?