Tuesday, August 17, 2010

19 Yrs Ago

Bridesmaids & groomsmen. A toppling cake. Flowers not quite right. A full sanctuary. Ira Gerig at the organ. Gary Aupperle officiating, with Stan Inniger and Ralph Scantlin involved. Vicki Snyder sings. Tux jacket wrong size. My brother's composition. A plethora of wedding gifts. A non-relative in my family picture. My new sister-in-law sobbing, mad at me for stealing her sister. Hot candle wax on Sara's finger. Rings. "I do." "I do."

The culmination of 6 months of anticipation, that day has led to 19 years of joy.

Sara has not been the perfect wife. She dropped a cake once, and I think she burnt a roast. But hey, I bet your spouse has made at least two mistakes.

And to say that I haven't been the perfect husband is like claiming water is wet. I won't bother to mention my sins; they're more dastardly than dirty cake and charcoaled meat.

It's been quite a ride since August 17, 1991, a wonderful, joy-filled, emotional, exciting, and sometimes pleasantly calm and comforting, ride. Today I delight in the wife of my youth, a treasure, a gift from the Lord.

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