Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bible Notes: Gen 15-17

PRAYER WATCH: Gen 15:2-3. Abram is bold in his prayer to the Lord, pointing out the disparity between the Lord’s promise and its fulfillment. He has no descendant yet; not one.

Gen 16. I noted the senses of sight and hearing this time through this chapter.
  • Abram “listened” to the voice of his wife (2).

  • When Hagar “saw” she was pregnant, she “looked” down on Sarai (4, repeated in 5, metaphorical uses).

  • The angel of the Lord tells Hagar that the Lord has “listened” to her affliction and that he will bless her (11).

  • Hagar names the Lord a God of “seeing” (13) or a God who “sees” me (ESV footnote).

  • Hagar rejoices in the fact that she has “seen” him who “looks” after her (13); or, I have “seen” the One who “sees” me (NIV).

  • The well at which the angel of the Lord met Hagar became known as Beer-lahai-roi, the well of the Living One who “sees” me (14, ESV footnote).

Sometimes listening to the ones we love can get us in trouble, as in Abram’s case; our ears must be tuned especially to the Lord, listening to him above all others. It is comforting to know, however, that the Lord listens to our affliction and sees our situation.

PRAYER WATCH: Gen 17:15-21. Abraham seeks to alter God’s plan because he finds it a bit incredulous, I think. God doesn’t answer the burden of his prayer, though he does change his own plans somewhat in response to it.

To flesh that out, the Lord tells Abraham he will have a son. Abraham, 100, repeats that information as a question and asks instead that Ishmael might be blessed. God refuses to make Ishmael central and insists that a son to be named Isaac will be born to Sarah. Nonetheless, “As for Ishmael, I have heard you,” and so Ishmael will be blessed.

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