Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bible Notes: Gen 3

PRAYER WATCH: Gen 3:9-13. The first time we see Adam speak, it’s apparently to himself when he waxes poetic at his first sight of Eve (2:23). The first time we see Eve speak, it’s when she’s holding converse with the serpent (3:1-5). The first time we see either of them talk with God (prayer), it’s when their sin has been discovered, and they are defensive. Quickly have they been made “wise,” at least at the blame game.

JUDGMENT WATCH: Gen 3:8-24. First fear. Adam is “afraid” (10) when he hears God in the garden. He fears, he says, because he is naked, referring to his lack of clothes. But the truth is probably nearer to the fact that his sinful act was naked before God; God knew what he had done. Promise of God’s judgment naturally brings fear. Thank God for the atonement at the cross and the natural consequence to those who believe—no more fear. How often are we told throughout the NT, “fear not”?

First judgments. The Lord levies judgments against the serpent, the woman, and the man. Further, they were driven from Eden, the lush paradise God had created for them, the result being they were cut off from the tree of life which would have sustained their physical lives eternally.

First reality of death. God promised death on the very day they ate of the forbidden fruit (2:17), and we understand that they died spiritually on that very day. Physical death also enters into the picture in 3:19, “to dust you shall return,” and 3:22-24 where they are cut off from the tree of life.

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