Saturday, August 28, 2010

Can't Out-Grace God

A few weeks ago, Caty and I sat down to a game of LIFE, her current favorite board game.

Pretty sure that she would ask to play a second game once the first one was finished, and pretty sure that she would expect me to say No since it was getting late, I decided that, should she ask, I would say Yes. And I consciously did so to model grace to her. (I wasn't going to comment on why I was doing it; I was just going to model it.)

When the game was over, she asked for another, and I said Yes without hesitation.

What I wasn't prepared for was the question to be repeated after game #2.


I said No. Because I thought I had been pretty gracious as it was in playing game #2, and because it was late.

Coming away from that, I don't know if Caty was happy that we played 2 games, or disappointed because we didn't play 3.

But what I was sure of was that I can't out-grace God.

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