Monday, September 6, 2010

9 Probable Complaints of Americans in the Desert

What if Moses had led the Americans from Egypt to the Promised Land? What would they have complained about?

  1. Only water? No coffee? No Espresso?”
  2. Too many dropped calls in desert region
  3. No separation of church and state
  4. The blue laws
  5. Cruelty to animals, especially sheep
  6. Health care: “You’re joking, right? You want me to look at a snake statue? How about a prescription, Doc?!”
  7. The taxes: “A half shekel!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! … What’s a shekel?”
  8. Capital punishment for alternative sexual proclivities
  9. The Ten Commandments posted everywhere

1 comment:

dean said...

That is a good list. It made me chuckle out loud