Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bible Notes: Ex 6

Ex 6:1-8. God portrays himself to Moses as the God of action in the past:
  • He appeared to Abraham.
  • He appeared to Isaac.
  • He appeared to Jacob.
  • He established his covenant with them, promising to give them Canaan.
  • He heard the groaning of Israel.
  • He remembered his covenant.

... and in the future:
  • He will deliver them from the Egyptians, from their burdens, their slavery.
  • He will do so with a powerful arm and with acts of judgment.
  • He will make Israel his people, and he will be their God.
  • He will bring them to the promised land.
  • He will give it to them as there possession.
Our God is a God of action, then and now.

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