Friday, October 15, 2010

Philippians 1:3

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, (ESV)

One of God’s greatest gifts to us is others. Even as an introvert--one who’s batteries are recharged away from people as opposed to being recharged by people--I am grateful to the Lord for the people whom he has placed in my life. Some have been close to me for years, some for a season only, and even some for a mere moment.

  • I thank God for Howard Matson, whose office I left fuming, but whose counsel led me to some needed changes.
  • I thank the Lord for Gary Aupperle, Wes Gerig, Roger Ringenberg, Ron Scharfe, and others, who led me to fall in love with the Bible.
  • I thank the Lord for Mike Bullmore who led me to appreciate good literature.
  • I am grateful for Mary Alice Fetter, Joann Weddle, Lois Mannix, and Mary Ellen Jacobs, who patiently taught me the things of God in Sunday School, even at times when I paid little attention.
  • I thank God for Forest Weddle, my dad, Jerry Cramer, Denny Leinbach, Todd Habegger, and Pat Ryan, the senior pastors under whose ministry I have sat.
  • I am grateful for Joyce Tarr and Glenna Hirschy, as well as Mary Alice Fetter and Joann Weddle, who have bolstered my faith with their confidence in God even in the midst of their suffering.
  • God has given me a great gift in my brother; to me his life is an apologetic of the existence and power of God.
  • The Lord has not only given me a good mother, but one who has taught me more than most how to pray.
  • In my dad, the Lord has given me an example of bold witness as well as an example of “Christ’s love constrains us” (2 Cor 5:14).
  • The Ryans and the Dillers have taught me by their example what generosity is.
  • The Lindstroms were a pair of Barnabases to us in IL.
  • I thank the Lord for the friendship and encouragement of Ted Wilson, who introduced me to a few nuts and bolts of ministry.
  • I am grateful for Mr. Broderick, who yelled at me for throwing stones in his yard.
I could very easily go on. I have left out some very obvious ones in order to hunt the halls of memory for some of the more obscure ones.

What about you? Whom do you thank God for?

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